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At Scuba Smiles we strive to make first visits fun, and we acclimate children for subsequent steps in order to gain acceptance. For infants and toddlers, repeated periodic visual exams reinforce to the child that we are kid-friendly, and their fear is soon overcome, allowing them to sit independently for orthodontics procedures. Many children actually love to come for visits! Call today to start your child on a lifetime of beautiful smiles!

San Antonio Kids Dentist

In addition to pre-orthodontic screenings, Dr. Wilkerson also provides early orthodontic treatment for those patients that would benefit.  Part of your child’s twice yearly exams involves an orthodontic assessment by Dr. Wilkerson.  This is a great reason to make and keep all appointments.  During childhood and the early growing years up until adolescence, facial growth and oral development progress at a faster rate than at any other time in our life.  It is extremely important for your child to receive additional attention concerning tooth eruption, eruption sequence, mode of respiration, allergies, asthma, mouth breathing as well as nutritional and environmental influences that affect proper facial and oral growth.   These factors to malocclusion (crooked teeth, and small under-developed jaws), and actually make things worse.   By working with other area professionals in a comprehensive approach, Dr. Wilkerson will give your child the best care and San Antonio Pediatric Dentistry, ensuring they grow up to have attractive faces and beautiful smiles.  Intercepting orthodontic (both bone and tooth development) problems early corrects the problems as they are occurring, which is a dramatic shift from waiting until all baby teeth are lost.  In fact, waiting can put some children at higher risk for losing good permanent teeth later that must be sacrificed (removed) to create space to straighten the permanent teeth.  If you have questions, or concerns about your child’s dental development, please contact Scuba Smiles for Kids at (210) 899-1099 to schedule an appointment.


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