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At Scuba Smiles we strive to make first visits fun, and we acclimate children for subsequent steps in order to gain acceptance. For infants and toddlers, repeated periodic visual exams reinforce to the child that we are kid-friendly, and their fear is soon overcome, allowing them to sit independently for orthodontics procedures. Many children actually love to come for visits! Call today to start your child on a lifetime of beautiful smiles!

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Fluoride is a substance that helps teeth to become stronger. Fluoride is in drinking water, either naturally occurring or added, and exerts its effect mainly during tooth formation and maturation. This is the systemic (whole body) effect, because the fluoride is ingested. But, be careful! A little is good, but more is not better.
Fluoride in the form of toothpastes, gels, mouth rinses, and varnishes provide a topical (local) effect and increase the enamel resistant to cavities. Topical fluorides are not intend to be swallowed but remain on the enamel surface to create a fluoride rich zone for cavity prevention. This is the type of fluoride treatment that we provide in the office. Ask one of our team members to explain the benefits of fluoride.


Sealants are a plastic resin coating banded directly onto the biting surfaces of back teeth (molars) to cover the grooves and depressions that are susceptible to cavities. Sealing these grooves lessens the risk for cavities and is a good preventive strategy for moderate to high risk kids.

Not every molar tooth needs sealant. Some teeth have very shallow grooves that are easily cleaned. We will evaluate your child’s need for sealants based on previous cavity experience, current risk, and susceptibility of the grooves.

Sealants will last an average about 8-10 years, or the length of a average filling. Most insurance companies will cover this cost effective preventive procedure.


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