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Halloween Costume Tips from Scuba Smiles!

Have you seen THIS VIDEO? It’s almost impossible to see the child standing in the street! Watch It Here!

FACT : Children are more likely to be hit by a car on Halloween than any other day of the year. This is understandable, as many children run up and down sidewalks and streets trick-or-treating. Unfortunately, most aren’t on the lookout for cars. (Additionally, children younger than 10 do not understand speed or distance. So even if they are on the lookout for cars, they are unable to understand how fast they are going or how far away they are.) Even if your child does not choose the “black bodysuit” featured in the video, you can take extra precautions to ensure your child’s costume is the safest it can be.

1. It is best to begin trick or treating a couple of hours before it gets dark. (An easy way to convince kids to leave early is to tell them they’ll get there before the other trick-or-treaters!)

2. When purchasing a Halloween costume, encourage your child to choose a costume with bright colors. Brighter colors are easier to spot, even in the dark, than dark colors.

3. As an adult, you should carry a flashlight when taking your child(ren) out on Halloween. If your child is old enough to go by themselves, encourage them to carry a flashlight as well.

4. Have your child carry/wear flashing glow stick bracelets/necklaces to not only get the attention of oncoming cars, but also to aid in illuminating their path.

5. If your child’s costume is not reflective, purchase reflective tape at a craft or hardware store and put it on your child’s costume, shoes, and any accessories they may have.

We want your children to enjoy a safe and fun Halloween. Check out our blog on Halloween candy alternatives, too! Please use the tips above and have a happy Halloween!

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