Cavity Risk Assessment

Cavity risk assessment is the key to prevention.

Certain dietary and brushing habits increase your child’s risk for developing cavities. Fixing teeth with cavities is important but is not the solution. During your visit, our team will ask questions about your child, which will allow the doctor to make recommendations tailored specifically to your family. 

dentist and assistant with patient

Age 1 is the perfect time for a first visit. It allows our team to share information that can help your child grow up cavity-free for life.

Personalized Counseling To Help Your Child Stay Cavity Free.

Identifying and working to reduce risk factors is the only proven way to a healthy, cavity free mouth.

Visits help you and your dentist identify factors that might increase your child’s risk for cavities.

Let our friendly team help you teach your kids healthy habits that will stick with them their whole life.

Get helpful tips and tricks to make brushing at home an enjoyable experience.

Let the reviews speak for themselves.

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