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Healthy Summer Smiles

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Summer always comes with new adventures for our children. It also means your child will be asking for plenty of drinks and snacks throughout the day. 

Here are 8 ways you can take steps to ensure you are protecting your child’s oral health during all the summer fun. 

Sidestep the Sugar 

Sugary treats can be super tempting, but they are not so sweet for your child’s teeth. 

“When children snack on candy, cookies and other sugary goodies, the sugar in their mouths will create acids that can harm their tooth enamel and lead to cavities,” said Dr. Lela Farmer from Scuba Smiles for Kids in San Antonio.  

Consider cutting up fruit or vegetables and serving with their favorite dip. Focus on things like Greek yogurt or cheese that won’t stick to teeth. There are all kinds of great ways to pack up healthy snacks for your children to enjoy.  

Water All The Way! 

Encourage your children to drink more water. It’s not only good for them to stay hydrated during a hot Texas summer, but also it’s a win for their oral health. 

 “Encourage them to keep their favorite water bottle filled and close by when they head out to play,” Dr. Farmer stressed.

You may want to consider purchasing delicious, sugar-free flavor additives to make their water a better tasting option.

Keep Up the Routine 

While school is on summer break, it is easy to let routines slip. Don’t let brushing and flossing fall by the wayside! Summer treats such as hot dogs, burgers, and crunchy snacks can leave behind food particles that can lead to oral health problems. Don’t forget to remind your little ones to brush at least two times a day and floss at least  once a day to help keep those summer smiles sparkling clean.

Don’t Skip That Checkup! 

Don’t put off your child’s dental checkup just because it’s the summer. It will be back to school season in no time, and you’ll be busy in just a few weeks. Now is the perfect time to set up an appointment for a checkup and cleaning at Scuba Smiles for Kids.

 We can remove any plaque or tartar buildup that brushing and flossing alone can’t tackle. Plus, we can spot early problems that can be taken care of before they become big expensive ones,” explained Dr. Farmer. “We would hate for your kids to miss out on any school time because of tooth problems that could have been cared for this summer!”

No Slipping, Please! 

From slippery pool decks and boat surfaces to outdoor showers at the beach, there are plenty of places for little ones to take a tumble if they are not careful. Remind them to walk and not run to avoid a scary dental disaster resulting from a nasty slip or fall.

Ice is Not for Crunching 

Chewing on ice can chip or crack those precious teeth. If your child is craving something cold and refreshing, consider offering them a tasty treat such as yogurt, frozen fruit popsicles, or chilled fruit. One big ice crunch could mean a cracked tooth and an unexpected visit to a dentist. That is a summer headache you don’t need. 

Gear Up for Summer Sports 

Summer means sports galore whether that be soccer clubs, off-season school camps or all sorts of other organized sports leagues. Remember, one errant ball, hard fall or mishap could lead to a painful dental emergency. 

“We strongly urge you to consider investing in a mouthguard to protect those smiles during all the summer sports fun,” said Dr. Farmer.  

A little prevention now could save you a big dental bill later!

Teeth Aren’t Tools 

Summer snacks, new water toys, and treats can come in tricky, tough-to-open packaging. Don’t let your little one use their teeth as tools to pry open containers or bags. That is a surefire way for them to damage their teeth. If they are struggling, lend a hand and find the proper tool to get that new toy package or box open! 

At Scuba Smiles for Kids, we want your family to have a great time this summer while keeping those smiles healthy and bright. Remember, we’re always here to answer any questions or concerns. Call us anytime! Now go out and enjoy that summer sun!