Infant And Toddler Dental Exams

Age 1 pediatric dentist visits are recommended to help your child grow up cavity-free.

Being proactive about your child’s dental health today can help keep his or her smile healthy for life. These early visits also allow your child to get accustomed to the dentist, easing anxiety as they grow.

dentist and assistant with patient

What To Expect During Your Child's Exam

During the visit Dr. Farmer and her team will examine your infant or toddler to ensure their jaw and teeth are developing properly. If your child is nervous or anxious you can hold them in your lap during the exam. You and your little one will be in qualified, caring hands – Dr. Farmer is a board-certified pediatric dentist.

Get your child started with a cleaning, while also allowing us to gain a comprehensive overview of their dental health.

Get helpful tips and tricks on everything from teething pain to our gentle holding techniques to make brushing at home a painless experience.

Regular visits to the dentist help your child become more familiar and can prevent dental anxiety later in life.

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