What is the Right Age to Take Your Child to the Orthodontist for the First Time? 

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Your child is getting older and those adult teeth are moving in quickly, but rarely do those pearly whites come in looking the way we think they should. Also, in many cases it isn’t just about the look but also functionality of these new teeth. Teeth need to be in the right position and in the right place of the mouth to get that chewing job done. If your child needs braces when is the right time to get them? There are several factors we recommend you consider here at Scuba Smiles for Kids.

Key Factors In Determining If Your Child Should See The Orthodontist

Age: By the age of eight or nine children have lost most of their baby teeth and their permanent ones are starting to find their place. We say that during the next five years of your child’s life, that preventative care should be implemented, before those adult teeth settle in where they want to be. According to The Mayo Clinic an initial orthodontic evaluation should take place by the age of seven to get a jump start on the orthodontic process. 

Health issues: Is your child a mouth breather? Are they sucking their thumb or fingers more than you think they should? “These are two leading signs that it may be a good idea for you to take you child to an orthodontist for their initial screen before your child turns seven years old,” said Dr. Lela Farmer of Scuba Smiles for Kids. Stanford Children’s Health has a detailed list of what other issues you may want to consider that should result in your taking your child into an orthodontist at an early age to get a grip on that grin.

School: No child likes to be in pain and braces may uncomfortable, especially during the first few months of treament.

“The best time of the year to bring on the braces is the summer. Your child’s schedule and your schedule are most likely lighter, so it should be easier for you to get them to an orthodontist,” said Dr. Farmer. “You can also use the summer months to take advantage of time away from school to figure out which foods your child can chew to avoid the most discomfort.” If those aren’t reasons enough to get to an orthodontist in the summer, Dental Health Associates says summer growth spurts are a ripe time start tackling those teeth, because body changes happen quickly with adolescent and pre-adolescent children.

Like any medical condition, each child is different and the journey of treatment for each child is done on a case by case basis. “Here at Scuba Smiles For Kids, we offer a free consultation so you will know which treatment is the best match for your child,” said Dr. Farmer. Our orthodontic consultations also include a free financial quote for treatment, so you’ll know about how long, and about how much money it will take to get your child’s smile just right. Scuba Smiles recognizes that orthodontia can be expensive, and so we work with parents without dental insurance or wanting to schedule a payment plan to make treatment as affordable as possible.